Notes and Doodles is a curated gathering of art, thoughts, observations, words and ideas in what can be considered an alternative space.

Designed and maintained by Sudeshna Sengupta, this site aims to showcase her work as well as bring together diverse range of work from like-minded individuals. The topics include but are not limited to — living with art, living in harmony with nature; environmental issues; sustainable design ideas; alternatives to mainstream consumer culture; commonalities and connectedness of culture; learning, teaching, and nurturing of peace, empathy and humanity.

Art and writings featured here are by invitation. However, independent inquiries for submission of work are welcome. Please do not send images or writings first. Send your inquiry with a brief (one paragraph) proposal to sudeshnasart AT gmail DOT com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sudeshna, Many thanks for your illuminating class on zoom yesterday. I learned so much ! I especially appreciate your very organized way of presenting your points, talking them through as you demonstrated, and allowing us time to follow along with the steps. I loved learning about how to leave “breathing spaces” between distances – we always hear about learning to paint light, but you taught us how to paint air ! I will look forward to more classes with you in the future.
    With all best wishes,
    Beverly Mack (Massachusetts, although my heart is in Abiquiu)


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