Habitat We Heart!

Update as of Feb 7, 2019: We are delighted and grateful to be able to successfully facilitate the transition of this beautiful space onto its next inhabitants.

We, humans, shape our habitats and they shape us.  Well-designed living spaces created with intention inspire us, soothe us, and uplift our spirits.  Such has been this space for my family for over a decade.

The remodel and updates range from custom designed tiling and solid bamboo-wood floors to hand-troweled textures and finishes with details like Arts and Crafts stained glass and Talavera accents. The mindfully designed low-maintenence desert garden free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers provided an oasis for quiet inspirations, yoga, as well as gatherings of friends and family.

Designing and transforming this outdoor space quite literally with my own hands has been one of my most ambitious live art projects to date.


Disclaimer: Some of the photos have been professionally captured by Joe Baca for marketing this property by realtor Kellie Curry of Paul Curry Real Estate, LLC. and are published here with their written consent. No copyright infringement intended:

Group 1: Open floor plan living-dining-family room & kitchen area.

Group 2: Bed, bath, garage, storage, and utility areas:

Group 3: Mindfully landscaped with drought tolerant plants, trees and rocks, this pesticide, herbicide, and chemical-fertilizer-free zone is an all-organic desert sanctuary :

The energy we created here while making art, making friends, and raising our child till he went to collage powered the growth and transformation of this space.  Nature’s energy cycles guided us through the seasons to transform it from a well-built 1960s ranch-style house to the bright and airy, cool and colorful desert sanctuary that it is today — filled with creative vibes and laid-back New Mexico charm.

Happy browsing!

Autumn 2018

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